Anna Costa e Silva – Roda de conversa Programa de Exposições do CCSP 2018

Centro Cultural São Paulo, São Paulo


Tomorrow, February 22, at Centro Cultural São Paulo, a talk will take place with the participation of Anna Costa e Silva. The artist will talk about her exhibition Éter, which was part of the CCSP 2018 Exhibition Program.

The conversation takes place at 5 pm on the Caio Graco floor.

Leonilson – Exhibition "Leonilson: Arquivo e Memória Vivos"

Centro Cultural FIESP, São Paulo


It opens today, February 19, the exhibition “Leonilson: Arquivo e Memória Vivos” at the Centro Cultural FIESP. The exhibition, curated by Ricardo Resende, brings together more than 120 works by Leonilson, a result of the research and publication in 2017 of the raisonné catalog, giving priority to works that were rarely seen or never seen in São Paulo. The exhibition runs until May 19 and can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 10 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. Admission is free.

Débora Bolsoni – "Lição de Mimese"

Pinacoteca, São Paulo


The Pinacoteca de São Paulo exhibits for the first time the work “Lição de Mimese” by the artist DéboraBolsoni, which was recently incorporated into the collection of the institution. Also will be exhibited works by Marcius Galan, Regina Parra and Matheus Rocha Pitta. The works will occupy four rooms adjoining the long-term exhibition on the second floor of Pina Luz. The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday, February 16, starting at 11am. Considered a crucial work in the trajectory of the artist, “Lição de Mimese” is composed of several slates cut in different formats and framed in wood, similar to mirrors. These mirrors that reflect nothing, however, can receive drawings scratched with chalk, which brings to the discussion the mimetic effect of art and its ability to duplicate reality.

Anna Costa e Silva – Exhibition "The Verve"

Border Art Space, New York


Inaugurates on February 15, Friday, the collective exhibition “The Verve”, with work by the artist Anna Costa e Silva. The show, curated by Jamie Martinez, takes place at the Border Art Space in New York and can be visited until March 24.

Rosana Paulino – Exhibition "Passado/Futuro/Presente"

MAM, São Paulo


Inaugurates today the collective exhibition “Passado/Presente/Futuro: Arte contemporânea brasileira no acervo do Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo”, with work by the artist Rosana Paulino. As a result of the collaboration between the Phoenix Art Museum (Arizona, USA) and the MAM (Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo), curated by the American Vanessa Davidson and the Brazilian  Cauê Alves, the exhibition has a selection of 72 works . With pieces produced between 1990 and 2010, the show was first assembled in the United States in 2017, showing to the American public the Brazilian contemporary art, and was the first exhibition dedicated to the MAM collection in the USA. The exhibition can be visited until April 21, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm.

Anna Costa e Silva – Exhibition "Formação e Deformação"

Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro


Anna Costa e Silva participates in the exhibition “Formação e Deformação” curated by Ulisses Carrilho and Keyna Eleison in Parque Lage. The artist will perform Púrpura, an experience of one-on-one encounters with women on location throughout the city. The work begins in a car, in which 4 spectators are each taken to a different place each time, where they will find a person and their history. Days 16, 17 and 18 of December, 3 sessions per day, only 33 seats. To reserve your place, send a message to (21) 99406-9009.

Rosana Paulino – Exhibition "A Costura da Memória"

Pinacoteca Luz, São Paulo


It opens on Saturday, December 8, at 11am, the largest individual exhibition of the artist Rosana Paulino in a large institution of the country, Pinacoteca. Recognized for facing social issues that emerge from the position of black women in contemporary society, the exhibition “Rosana Paulino: A Costura da Memória”, curated by Valéria Piccoli and Pedro Nery, brings together works produced between 1993 and 2018 as Bastidores (1997 ) and Parede da Memória (1994-2015), which were decisive at the beginning of his career. These go back to her personal narrative and present themselves as a starting point for the exhibition. The first includes, as in the title, a series of embroideries with figures of women of the family printed on fabrics whose eyes, mouths and throats are sewn together, indicating the shadowing imposed on black women, often the result of domestic violence. In revolving the beginning of her personal history, Rosana Paulino observes that the problem of representation of blacks translates into their almost absence in the most varied aspects of Brazilian life and history, especially in the history of the visual arts.

Débora Bolsoni and Yasmin Guimarães – Seventh Edition of the Annual Pivô Auction

Pivô, São Paulo


Débora Bolsoni and Yasmin Guimarães are part of the seventh annual Pivô Auction. More than 100 works by emerging and consecrated artists will be auctioned, contributing to the maintenance of Pivô and its programming. The closing event will take place on December 1.

Guga Szabzon and Rodrigo Garcia Dutra – Auction Anima - Galeria Luisa Strina

São Paulo, Brazil


Guga Szabzon and Rodrigo Garcia Dutra are part of the traditional Luisa Strina Gallery auction for the benefit of the NGO Anima. The auction will be held online, in partnership with Blombô Auctions. The NGO Anima serves adolescents, youth and adults, integrating HIV/AIDS carriers and non-carriers. Bids can be made until December 3 at 8pm.

Martinho Patrício – Exhibition "Tempos Sensíveis"

Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba


Inaugurates on November 25, Sunday, the collective exhibition “Tempos Sensíveis”, with work by the artist Martinho Patrício. The show takes place at the Museu Oscar Niemeyer in Curitiba, and can be visited until December 31. Curated by Agnaldo Farias, the exhibition brings together works from the collection of MAC/PR in which sensitivity and reflection are evident.

Guga Szabzon and Yasmin Guimarães – IAB Auction: 75 Artists para 75 Years of History

IAB e Escola da Cidade, São Paulo


Guga Szabzon and Yasmin Guimarães are part of the IAB Wall Auction, held by Central Galeria in partnership with Escola da Cidade in São Paulo. The auction has more than 75 artists and all the money raised will be reverted in actions with emphasis on the Biennial of Architecture, event of which the Institute of Architects of Brazil is responsible.

Neide Sá – Exhibition "Mulheres na Coleção MAR"

Museu de Arte do Rio, Rio de Janeiro


Neide Sá is part of the collective exhibition “Mulheres na Coleção MAR”, held by Museu de Arte do Rio in Rio de Janeiro. The exhibition opens on November 16, at 4pm, and can be visited until April 2019. The exhibition features a cut of works by more than 150 artists, both Brazilian and foreign, that are part of the museum’s collection.