Marcelo Brodsky - ação visual



Marcelo Brodsky, trough Latinstock Foundation [Argentina] e Tlachinollan – La Montaña Human Rights Center [México], and many other Latin American institutions of human rights calls for an international visual action in solidarity to the victims of the kidnaps and the murders that happened last September in Iguala, Guerreiro State, México

Gustavo Speridião - mostra - Huna, Hunak: Here/There - Qatar



Gustavo Speridião partecipated at the exhibition Huna, Hunak: Here/There no Museu Al Riwaq at Doha in Qatar (from 9th of November). The exhibition, which is a part of  Imagine Brasil, has been in  Oslo and Lyon too. It was curated by Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Thierry Raspail. the exhibition will finish at the January 31, 2015.


Victor Florido - novo artista representado pela Galeria Superfície



Born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, studied painting with the Argentinean artist Sergio Bazan and made several courses with Laura Batkis. In 2001 and 2002 he participated In the residency program of Beeldende Kunsten Rijksakademie van in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2010 and 2011 he was part of the CIA program (Artistic Research Center) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He participated in numerous shows in Argentina, at Proa Foundation, at MALBA and the Museum of Fine Arts and had his work acquired by museum Reina Sofía in 2014. In Addition, the artist works are in Collections Cisneros – CIFO; Banco Supervielle; Central Bank of the Argentine Republic; Banco Nación; Fundación Aerolíneas Argentinas; ArtNexus and in Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo MADC.

La Classe, 1er año, 6ta División - da série Buena Memoria

Marcelo Brodsky - mostra "Referentes" - ARTBO



For the celebration of its 10 º anniversary, the Bogotá art fair- ARTBO -will presents the exhibition “Referentes”, curated by Carolina Ponce de León and Santiago Rueda. This show’s intention is to presents to the pubblic an  historical context and an extensive view of the art works and artists partecipating. Marcelo Brodsky was one of the invited artist!

Aquisição “I pray with my feet” de Marcelo Brodsky



O trabalho “I pray with my feet” de Marcelo Brodsky,  que foi apresentado na Paris Photo deste ano acaba de ser adquirido para a coleção do Museu de Arte Moderna da Cidade de Buenos Aires. Este trabalho é uma instalação visual de três imagens  que sofrem intervenções, uma obra que combina textos e imagens para narrar  relações e influencias entre as lutas pelos direitos humanos nos Estados Unidos e na América Latina.

Andre Feliciano - 9ª Residência Artística RedBull Station



The Transitory Gallery in Red Bull Station received the  First Exhibition from the six new members of the Artist Residency: Amanda Mei, André Feliciano, Arthur Arnold, Daniel Lie, Gustavo Torres and Ricardo Reis. The group show marks the beginning of the individual trajectory and the group as residents of the ninth edition of the Project.

Fabio Baroli - mostra: Pintura e pictorialidade em Brasília 2000-2014



Fabio Baroli participated at the exhibition Pintura e Pictorialidade in  Brasília 2000-2014.

The exhibition shows 20 painters of the new Brazilian  generation.

Leonilson - Truth, Fiction



The Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo presents from August 9th to November 9th 2014, the exhibition 'Leonilson: Truth, Fiction'. Curated by Adriano Pedrosa, the exhibition brings together more than 150 Works by Leonilson ( Fortaleza, 1957- Sao Paulo, 1993), among paintings, drawings, embroidery, objects and an installation. With works made ​​from 1987, it also includes the last piece the artist conceived: the installation set on Morumbi Chappel, in 1993

Fabio Baroli - MAM Rio de Janeiro - Prêmio Aquisição Marcantônio Vilaça Funarte



The idea of including a group of artists and it´s works for Funarte grant was the way the museum found to start an acquisition process using this award to fill in the gaps of the collection – on it´s own collection and on Gilberto Chateaubriand and Joaquim Paiva´s collections on loan to the Museum. In this year´s award, the Museum acquired works from Ernesto Neto, Carlos Bevilacqua, Eduardo Coimbra, João Modé, Luiza Baldan, Guilherme Dable, Jimson Vilela and Fabio Baroli, brings to the museum distinct generation and a very special group of works, improving the collection.

La Classe, 1er año, 6ta División - da série Buena Memoria

Marcelo Brodsky - Palestra sobre o projeto Buena Memoria - Londres



Marcelo Brodsky talks about the project Buena Memoria in London at the Conference “Disappearance, Photography and Social Media” within the project New Poetics of Disappearance: Narrative, Violence and Memory; with professor Vikki Bell from Goldsmiths College and Cecilia Sosa (UEL) at the Institute of Modern languages ​​Research.

Gustavo Speridião - Imagine Brazil



 Imagine Brazil, presented at the Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo, Norway opens on 5 June at MAC Lyon, France. The show, a panorama of Brazilian art curated by Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Thierry Raspail, presents the work of 14 young Brazilian artists, all already starting an international career. The artists were asked to invite another artist who was, for each, a reference. Gustavo Speridião presents four paintings and a book, and the artist he invited was Carlos Zilio. This show will still have itinerancies in Brazil, Qtar and Canada.