La Classe, 1er año, 6ta División, da série 'Buena Memoria'

Marcelo Brodsky - Palestra sobre o projeto Buena Memoria - Londres



Marcelo Brodsky talks about the project Buena Memoria in London at the Conference “Disappearance, Photography and Social Media” within the project New Poetics of Disappearance: Narrative, Violence and Memory; with professor Vikki Bell from Goldsmiths College and Cecilia Sosa (UEL) at the Institute of Modern languages ​​Research.

Gustavo Speridião - Imagine Brazil



 Imagine Brazil, presented at the Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo, Norway opens on 5 June at MAC Lyon, France. The show, a panorama of Brazilian art curated by Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Thierry Raspail, presents the work of 14 young Brazilian artists, all already starting an international career. The artists were asked to invite another artist who was, for each, a reference. Gustavo Speridião presents four paintings and a book, and the artist he invited was Carlos Zilio. This show will still have itinerancies in Brazil, Qtar and Canada.