Marcelo Brodsky - ação visual



Marcelo Brodsky, trough Latinstock Foundation [Argentina] e Tlachinollan – La Montaña Human Rights Center [México], and many other Latin American institutions of human rights calls for an international visual action in solidarity to the victims of the kidnaps and the murders that happened last September in Iguala, Guerreiro State, México

Gustavo Speridião - mostra - Huna, Hunak: Here/There - Qatar



Gustavo Speridião partecipated at the exhibition Huna, Hunak: Here/There no Museu Al Riwaq at Doha in Qatar (from 9th of November). The exhibition, which is a part of  Imagine Brasil, has been in  Oslo and Lyon too. It was curated by Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Thierry Raspail. the exhibition will finish at the January 31, 2015.