Marcelo Brodsky – Exhibition "Flashes of the Future"

Ludwig Forum, Aachen


From April 20, the artist Marcelo Brodsky takes part in the exhibition “Flashes of the Future”, organized by the Ludwig Forum Aachen, with the work “1968’s”. The exhibition, which was curated by Andreas Beitin and Eckhart Gillen, has as its theme 1968, a year in which protests, uprisings and revolutions occurred in several countries around the world. Along with the exhibition, there is the launch of the book with the same name, edited by the curators.

Rodrigo Garcia Dutra – Exhibition "Geometría Primitiva"

Galería Mercado Negro, Mexico City


As of April 20, the artist Rodrigo Garcia Dutra participates in the collective exhibition “Geometría Primitiva”, at Galería Mercado Negro, in Mexico City.

Anna Costa e Silva – Edital CCSP

Centro Cultural de São Paulo, São Paulo


The artist Anna Costa e Silva was one of the selected for the 28th edition of the 2018 exhibit program of the Centro Cultural de São Paulo, with the installation “Éter”. In total there were 697 subscribers, and the works were chosen by a jury formed by Agnaldo Farias, Lizette Lagnado and Luiza Proença, in addition to Marisa Bueno e Souza and Maria Adelaide Nascimento.

Rosana Paulino – ABCA Award



The artist Rosana Paulino won the ABCA Award in the category of Mario Pedrosa, for contemporary artist. The Brazilian Association of Art Critics (ABCA) announced yesterday the winners of the ABCA Award, which honors agents and institutions that promoted the Brazilian arts and culture.

Neide Sá – Exhibition "Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-85"

Brooklyn Museum, New York


Neide Sá is part of the “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985” show, organized by the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, which will now be on display at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. The exhibition highlights the contribution of Latin artists and Latin heritage to contemporary art. This pioneering exhibition will be the first genealogy of feminist and radical artistic practices in Latin America and its influence at the international level. “Radical Women” will also be shown by Pinacoteca in São Paulo, in August 2018.