Anna Costa e Silva – Exhibition "Formação e Deformação"

Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro


Anna Costa e Silva participates in the exhibition “Formação e Deformação” curated by Ulisses Carrilho and Keyna Eleison in Parque Lage. The artist will perform Púrpura, an experience of one-on-one encounters with women on location throughout the city. The work begins in a car, in which 4 spectators are each taken to a different place each time, where they will find a person and their history. Days 16, 17 and 18 of December, 3 sessions per day, only 33 seats. To reserve your place, send a message to (21) 99406-9009.

Rosana Paulino – Exhibition "A Costura da Memória"

Pinacoteca Luz, São Paulo


It opens on Saturday, December 8, at 11am, the largest individual exhibition of the artist Rosana Paulino in a large institution of the country, Pinacoteca. Recognized for facing social issues that emerge from the position of black women in contemporary society, the exhibition “Rosana Paulino: A Costura da Memória”, curated by Valéria Piccoli and Pedro Nery, brings together works produced between 1993 and 2018 as Bastidores (1997 ) and Parede da Memória (1994-2015), which were decisive at the beginning of his career. These go back to her personal narrative and present themselves as a starting point for the exhibition. The first includes, as in the title, a series of embroideries with figures of women of the family printed on fabrics whose eyes, mouths and throats are sewn together, indicating the shadowing imposed on black women, often the result of domestic violence. In revolving the beginning of her personal history, Rosana Paulino observes that the problem of representation of blacks translates into their almost absence in the most varied aspects of Brazilian life and history, especially in the history of the visual arts.