Anna Costa e Silva – Projeto Mira ArtRio 2018

Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro


The artist Anna Costa e Silva participates in the Projeto Mira ArtRio 2018, with the video “Ofereço Compahia – tentiva de colocar o anúncio no jornal O Globo”. In its second year, the program was curated by David Gryn. The fair opens on September 26 and can be visited until September 30.

Marcelo Brodsky – Exhibition "1968 – The Fire of Ideas"

Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisboa


Inaugurates tomorrow, September 19th, the individual exhibition “1968 – The Fire of Ideas”, by the artist Marcelo Brodsky. Held by the Museu Coleção Berardo in Lisbon, the exhibition was curated by Inês Valle. The show can be visited until January 6, 2019.

Rosana Paulino – Exhibition "MAM 70"

MAM and MAC USP, São Paulo


Rosana Paulino is part of the collective exhibition “MAM 70”, held by the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo. The show opens on September 5 and can be visited until December 16. The exhibition brings together works from the MAM collection, celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Álvaro de Sá and Neide Sá – Exhibition "Arte-veículo"

Sesc Pompeia, São Paulo


It opens today, August 28, at Sesc Pompeia, the exhibition “Arte-veículo”, with works by artists Álvaro de Sá and Neide Sá. Curated by Ana Maria Maia, the show brings together some 200 works by 47 artists that discuss issues related to the media and technology. From 20pm the audience will be able to interact with the work “A corda”, by the artist Neide Sá. The show can be visited until December 2.

Anna Costa e Silva – Exhibition "Sopro"

Marquês 456, Rio de Janeiro


Opens tomorrow, August 25, the individual show “Sopro” by the artist Anna Costa e Silva, in Marquês 456, in Rio de Janeiro. The exhibition brings together four works by the artist that deal with the universe of dreams, mysteries, fragilities and relationships.

Marcelo Brodsky – Exhibition "Estratégias Conceituais"

Galeria Bergamin & Gomide, São Paulo


Marcelo Brodsky is part of “Estratégias Conceituais”, group exhibition curated by Ricardo Sardenberg and held by Galeria Bergamin & Gomide. The exhibition opens on August 25 and runs until October 20.

Yasmin Guimarães – Exhibition "Habita-me"

Palacete 1922, Ribeirão Preto


Yasmin Guimarães is part of the collective show “Habita-me”, curated by Paula Borghi. The exhibition opens on August 24 and runs until September 9.

Neide Sá – Exhibition "Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-85"

Pinacoteca, São Paulo


Neide Sá is part of the “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985” show, organized by the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, which will now be on display at the Pinacoteca do Estado in São Paulo. The exhibition highlights the contribution of Latin artists and Latin heritage to contemporary art. This pioneering exhibition will be the first genealogy of feminist and radical artistic practices in Latin America and its influence at the international level.

Rodrigo Garcia Dutra – Screening "Dear Mickey Mouse"

Chalton Gallery, London


On July 14th, the Chalton Gallery in London will promote the screening “Dear Mickey Mouse”, with work by artist Rodrigo Garcia Dutra. Curated by Laura O’Neil, the projection will happen at 1pm and 6pm.

Rodrigo Garcia Dutra – Exhibition "Antes que as traças nos devorem"

Museu Murillo La Greca, Recife


On July 7, the Murillo La Greca Museum, in Recife, inaugurated the collective exhibition “Antes que as traças nos devorem”, with work by the artist Rodrigo Garcia Dutra. Curated by Paula Borghi, the exhibition brings together more than 100 artists’ books. The exhibition can be visited until August 11.

Marcelo Brodsky – Exhibition "1968, Quelle Histoire! Barricades, Expression, Répression"

Croisière, Arles


On July 2, the Rencontres d’Arles photography festival, held in Arles, inaugurated the group exhibition “1968, Quelle Histoire! Barricades, Expression, Répression”, with work by the artist Marcelo Brodsky. Curated by Bernadette Caille, the exhibition celebrates the movements of 1968. The exhibition is on display until 23 September.

Martinho Patrício and Rosana Paulino – Exhibition "Histórias Afro-Atlânticas"

MASP e Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo


Martinho Patrício and Rosana Paulino are part of the collective exhibition “Histórias Afro-Atlânticas”, which brings together two of the main cultural institutions of São Paulo, MASP and Instituto Tomie Ohtake. With curatorship of Adriano Pedrosa, Lilia Schwarcz, Ayrson Heráclito, Hélio Menezes and Tomás Toledo, the exhibition deals with the migratory and cultural flows that unite Africa and the Americas, with a selection of 432 works of more than 200 artists. The exhibition opens on Thursday (28.6), from 20h to 22h, at MASP and Saturday (30.6), from 11h to 15h, at the Tomie Ohtake Institute. The exhibition can be visited until October 21.