Betty Leirner – Artist Books from the MAM-SP Library

Museu de Arte Moderna, São Paulo


In the 1960s and 70s, artist books used printed writing and graphic design as tools to convey works of art closer to theory. This exhibition, curated by Felipe Chaimovich, brings together artist books that were not products of commercial publishers, emphasizing the unique work of certain prints.

Rodrigo Garcia Dutra — Exhibition "Triangular: Arte Deste Século"

Casa Niemeyer, Brasília


Opens on December 6, the collective exhibition “Triangular: Arte Deste Século”, with work by artist Rodrigo Garcia Dutra. The exhibition will celebrate the new acquisitions of contemporary art from the Universidade de Brasília and will feature works by about 100 artists from all over Brazil.

Anna Costa e Silva — Púrpura

Rio de Janeiro


Anna Costa e Silva presents Púrpura, a performative experience that explores locations in the city as possible fields for encounters. The work begins in a car, in which four spectators at a time are taken to different spaces of the city for one-on-one experiences with an actress, seeking the possibility of reframing the function of consumer spaces and proposing breaches of intimacy and strangeness from affections and memories of female bodies in the city.

Anna Costa e Silva, Débora Bolsoni e Guga Szabzon – Oitava Edição do Leilão Anual do Pivô

Pivô, São Paulo


Anna Costa e Silva, Débora Bolsoni and Guga Szabzon are part of the eight edition of the Annual Pivô Auction. More than 100 works by emerging and consecrated artists will be auctioned, contributing to the maintenance of the Pivô and its programming. The closing event takes place on November 30, from 1pm to 8pm.

Poema/Processo com Gustavo Nóbrega

Casa das Rosas, São Paulo


On November 21st, from 7pm to 9pm, there will be a lecture given by Gustavo Nóbrega, director of Galeria Superfície, about the book “Poema/Processo”. The panorama of the contribution of artists linked to the movement’s group for Brazilian poetry and plastic arts will be presented, highlighting works by Neide Sá, Alvaro de Sá, Wladimir Dias-Pino, Moacy Cirne, among others.

Rodrigo Garcia Dutra – Exhibition "Doações 2019"

Museu Nacional da República, Brasília


Opens on November 19th, the collective exhibition “Doações 2019”, with work by artist Rodrigo Garcia Dutra. The show, curated by Charles Cosac, can be visited until January 19, 2020.

Art Weekend 2019

São Paulo


A Galeria Superfície participa da 4ª edição do Art Weekend São Paulo, evento promovido pela Associação Brasileira de Arte Contemporânea (ABACT). No final de semana dos dias 9 e 10 de novembro, 39 galerias de arte ampliam seus horários de funcionamento com programações especiais. A galeria estará aberta no sábado, das 11h às 20h, e no domingo, das 12h às 18h, com a exposição “Território Gravado”, da artista Lotus Lobo.

Álvaro de Sá, Clóvis Dariano, Frederico Marcos, Neide Sá e Sonia Andrade – Exhibition "Alto Nível Baixo – Cinema de Invenção, Brasil (1968-1978)"

Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon


Opens on November 8 the exhibition “Alto Nível Baixo”, with works by artists Alvaro de Sá, ClóvisDariano, Frederico Marcos, Neide Sá and Sonia Andrade. The show brings together two distinct productions. On the one hand, a selection of films and audiovisuals by Brazilian artists and filmmakers made during the Institutional Act-5 (1968-1978); and on the other, the series of “Alto Nível Baixo” by Portuguese artist Manoel Barbosa. Held by Galeria Zé dos Bois, in Lisbon, the exhibition was curated by Marta Mestre and Natxo Checa.

Neide Sá – Exhibition "Feche os Olhos e Veja"

Almeida e Dale, São Paulo


Opens on October 29, the collective exhibition “Feche os Olhos e Veja”, with the work “A Corda” by artist Neide Sá. The show, curated by Galciani Neves, can be visited until February 15, 2020.

Yasmin Guimarães – Exhibition "Entre a Terra e o Mar"

Quadra, Rio de Janeiro


Opens on October 19th, the exhibition “Entre a Terra e o Mar”, by artist Yasmin Guimarães. Held by Quadra in Rio de Janeiro, the show was curated by Julie Dumont and can be visited until December 10th.

Anna Costa e Silva – Exhibition "Dominó"

Casa da Luz, São Paulo


Opens on October 10th, at Casa da Luz, the exhibition “Dominó”, with work by artist Anna Costa e Silva. The exhibition, organized by André Niemeyer, will be open for visitation until October 27th.

Betty Leirner – Exhibition "Mutatio"

Paris, France


Betty Leirner presents ‘ le front de la lune’ a poem written in 1981 in Oedwang, Bavaria, transformed into a 00:35’’ soundwork in 2000 in Hamburg, Germany.