Rodrigo Garcia Dutra – Exhibition "A Linguagem da Serpente"

Galeria Karla Osorio, Brasília


Opens on July 27, at Galeria Karla Osorio, the solo exhibition “A Linguagem da Serpente”, by artist Rodrigo Garcia Dutra. The exhibition can be visited until September 7.

Anna Costa e Silva, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra e Yasmin Guimarães – Exhibition "Abraço Coletivo"

Ateliê397, São Paulo


Opens on June 6, at Ateliê397, the exhibition “Abraço Coletivo”, with works by artists Anna Costa e Silva, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra and Yasmin Guimarães. A project idealized by curator Paula Borghi, the show happens sporadically in independent art spaces and does not pass judgment on taste, career discrimination (curriculum and portfolio analysis) and selection process. It is through the understanding of the potential of each participant that it guides, deconstructing the metrics and stagnant ideas that limit the fluidity of art.

... Às Contas

Sonia Andrade – Exhibition "... Às Contas"

Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro


Opens on June 6, at MAM Rio de Janeiro, the exhibition “… Às Contas” by artist Sonia Andrade. For the past five decades, the artist has kept all the bills she has received, and paid, for services considered to be basic – those directly responsible for maintaining our physical survival. This group, formed initially by bills of light, water, gas and sewage, over the years, gained the company of the accounts of cable television, internet and cell phone. After twenty years of her last exhibition in the museum (where she also held her first solo exhibition in 1976 in the Experimental Area), the artist from Rio presents the unprecedented installation “… Às Contas”. The exhibition, curated by Fernando Cocchiarale and Fernanda Lopes, can be visited until September 22.