Débora Bolsoni, Guga Szabzon, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra e Yasmin Guimarães — Pivô’s 9th Annual Auction

Pivô, São Paulo


Débora Bolsoni, Guga Szabzon, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra and Yasmin Guimarães participate in the Pivô’s 9th Annual Auction with works donated to support and contribute to the functioning of the institution. The works will also be installed in the Pivô space for those who prefer to see them in person, considering all sanitary protocols. Check the complete list of artists and works available at leilaoanualpivo.org.br until December 5th.

Martinho Patrício — Trace, Thread, Text

Terra Arte


Martinho Patrício was one of the artists invited to participate in “Trace, Thread, Text”, promoted by Terra Arte. The online project seeks to exchange ideas, concepts, words, elements of art among fifty artists during the quarantine. Drawings, paintings, visual poetry, texts, videos and lectures are part of the dialogues promoted. The experiments will be published on the Instagram profile @terra_arte every Tuesday and Thursday.

Anna Costa e Silva — Assíntotas

“The idea of cinema in contemporary Brazilian art”, Katia Maciel


The work “Assíntotas”, by Anna Costa e Silva, was mentioned in the book “The idea of cinema in contemporary Brazilian art”, by Katia Maciel, recently released by Editora Circuito. According to the author, Anna’s work has “a transcinema form, as it includes the viewer as an active part of the device, it combines the logic of the theater, the architecture of the installation and the text as a poetic discourse that insists on the dark of the room, the film and the showroom. ”

Marcelo Brodsky — Exhibition"A Call to Vote"

Henrique Faria Fine Art, New York, USA


“A Call to Vote”, by Marcelo Brodsky, will open at Henrique Faria Fine Art. The exhibition, which has already passed through several galleries and institutions, includes historically relevant photographs of protests against various interconnected topics — colonialism, racism, patriarchy — with interventions in colored crayons. Therefore, the artist gives new life to these archival images and assigns a narrative voice to those who have been silenced, maintaining the memories of those affected in the present consciousness. From 1968, passing by New York, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Chicago and Mexico City, to the present day, the set of works also includes the March of Women (2017) and the Black Lives Matter movement (2020), in Washington D.C.