O Inferno de Boazinha



Débora Bolsoni

Galeria Superfície is pleased to present “O Inferno de Boazinha”, an individual exhibition by the artist Débora Bolsoni.


Débora Bolsoni presents works in fabric, sculpture and installations that make mention of the way sexuality and consumption transit in the domestic environment.


Cups of coffee, cake, ironing board, felt and fabrics share the exhibition environment with readings of children’s theme drawings produced in the 1960s by illustrator Mário Pinto. “O Inferno de Boazinha” mixes these domestic elements and images that contain a subtle transgression to create a tense narrative of veiled perversion.


The experimentation of materials, already characteristic of the artist’s production, will also be present. From the unlikely combinations and subversion of the use of materials, the artist creates an atmosphere of play, stressing the meanings that materials can bring as content, from the memory they carry, and their physicality.


Text: Bernardo José de Souza


The exhibition is on display until February 2 and can be visited from Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and Saturday from 11am to 5pm.