ArtBo 2017

Solo, Booth B12

In the Proyectos section of Artbo 2017, Galeria Superfície shows the work of the Brazilian artist Rosana Paulino (São Paulo, 1967). Paulino, who is also an educator and researcher, has racial and gender issues as the focus of her intense artistic and academic research. Her poetics is materialized through an immense range of supports, from the engraving to the installation. Shedding light on the shadows that still linger in a country that has enslaved its black population for more than three centuries, Rosana brings evidences of all the remnants that make Brazil a nation whose more than half of its population declares itself to be black, but that only a little more than 17% of this group were among the richest in the year of 2015. In addition to racial issues, the artist highlights another relevant point: gender inequality, that is, the inheritance of the patriarchal and sexist relations that make Brazil the fifth nation in number of feminicides. And it is precisely from these tacks between social and racial relations today, yesterday and tomorrow, that Paulino stands out as one of the most important female voices in contemporary Brazilian artistic production, with works integrating important exhibitions and collections of cultural institutions in Brazil and around the globe.