SP-Arte 2017

Solo, Booth SL07

Falves Silva
Cacimba, Brazil, 1943

One of the pioneering artists of the Poem/Process movement, Falves Silva is one of the main names of visual and experimental poetry in Brazil, next to Moacy Cirne, Wlademir Dias Pino, Álvaro de Sá, and Neide Sá. His production is based on the convergence of two of the main axes of Brazilian art: concrete movement and conceptual art. The artist dialogues with literature, cinema and comics, manipulating communicative structures and images from the history of art and mass communication. In 1967, he participated in the inaugural exhibition- manifesto of the Poem/Process movement, as well as the 16th São Paulo Bienal, curated by Walter Zanini. In the 1980s, he joined the international network of postal art, maintaining an intense and fruitful dialogue with artists of different generations and nationalities, such as Jota Medeiros, Ivald Granato, Paulo Bruscky, Hudinilson Jr., and Horácio Zabala. His work was exhibited at the International Mail Art Exhibition, in Japan, 1984, and at the 2nd Mail Art Biennial, in Spain, 1999. More recently, the artist presented a retrospective of his career in the solo exhibition Círculo do tempo, held at the Centro Cultural São Paulo.

In the Solo project of Galeria Superfície, he presents several pieces of his work, like geometric collages, drawings, and artwork-books. They date back from 1967 – initial year of the Poem/Process movement – until 2007, the year he did the Sinais [Signals] series, in which the artist shows traces of a futuristic writing, where the linear writing alphabet makes room for new signs, a new nonverbal and exclusively semiotic proposal.