Anna Costa e Silva — Residency "In the Wilderness"

Interior Beauty Salon


Anna Costa e Silva is the first artist to participate in the virtual residency “In the Wilderness”, at Interior Beauty Salon, an invitation of curator Nicolás Estevez, from New York (USA). At the beginning of the residency, there will be a pandemic and remote version of “Éter”, a research process on the state of vulnerability that precedes the sleep that occurs through conversations. “In the Wilderness” is the online equivalent of the artist residency, in which the resident artist is encouraged to roam the inner landscape of his choice. The processes investigate the intersection of healing and ecology, gender, race, sexuality, spirituality, activism or the arts. The experiment takes place from October 25 to 31, via zoom, restricted to one person per night. To participate, send a message to: +55 21 99406-9009 or

Neide Sá e Pietrina Checcacci — Exhibition "Farsa"

SESC Pompeia


Today, the FARSA exhibition opened at SESC Pompeia, with works by Neide Sá and Pietrina Checcacci. The exhibition brings experimental proposals from the 60s/70s closer to the production of artists who emerged in the 21st century, in Brazil and Portugal, investigating the tongue and language challenges, and deconstructing them, in countries that share a language that was a oppression factor and a freedom vector. FARSA will run until 30.01.2021, and can be visited by previous appointment.

Marcelo Brodsky — Exhibition "Pictures, Revised"

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA


“La clase”, from the series ‘Buena Memoria, 1967–1996’, by Marcelo Brodsky, is on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The artwork, which was acquired by the museum in 2006, now composes the exhibition “Pictures, Revisited”, a dive into the Met’s contemporary photography collection to explore visual appropriations as photographic strategies. Brodsky’s work was carried out in 1996, when he returned from exile at age 40 and found the image of his group of colleagues from the National School of Buenos Aires (CNBA), the class of ‘1st year, 6th division’, as the caption says . Brodsky intervenes in the photograph with crayons, showing the fate of each one. Around that year, the artist organized a tribute to the disappeared ones of the Argentine military dictatorship, in which he made a list with the names of the murdered schoolchildren: it reached 98 at the time. Besides this Met edition, “La clase” also integrates the collections of Pinacoteca, Tate Modern, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, and has participated in 250 exhibitions around the world. “La clase” is in room 851 of the Tisch Gallery, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and will be on view until May 9, 2021, in the “Pictures, Revisited” exhibition.

No Calor da Hora



In response to the present moment, M.A.P.A. (Modes of Action to Propagate Art) promotes No Calor da Hora, an unprecedented art show in the public space. 27 guest artists, whose poetics derive from multiple routes, occupy 27 billboard spaces in 27 cities in Brazil. The artists Anna Costa e Silva and Vera Chaves Barcellos are part of this project. From August 31st to October 25th, the exhibition takes place in a decentralized way across the country and virtually connected to the project platform.

TRANSE — Viewing Room Lotus Lobo



Galeria Superfície integrates the new digital platform Transe with the artist Lotus Lobo. Housed on the Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel website, Transe provides greater interconnection between alternative spaces, independent institutions, commercial and public galleries, generating greater visibility for the circuit as a whole. Updates will be constant, creating dynamic content that transforms and expands with new guests, each round. “Transe is an open field of exchange and exposure, an initiative that proposes union in common experience while reaffirming our belief in the multiplicity of models and languages. The first nine participants reflect this intention.” Access Galeria Superfície’s Viewing Room at:

Débora Bolsoni – IMS Convida



Check out the video “Por analogia – Superabundância do real” by artist Débora Bolsoni for the IMS Convida program, an action to encourage artistic creation during the indefinite quarantine period.

Lotus Lobo — Interview for Revista Nº 1

BDMG Cultural


In February 2020, the Minas Gerais artist Lotus Lobo conceived an interview with curator Marcelo Drummond and the journalist and current director of BDMG Cultural Gabriela Moulin, published in Revista Nº 1. Lotus reveals the many possibilities of invention and conviviality that her trajectory of more than five decades continues to create, comments on the exhibition “Território Gravado” (2019), at Galeria Superfície, and her formation linked to cinema.

Anna Costa e Silva — For someone who is listening to me



“For someone who is listening to me” is an artistic proposition of virtual correspondences (videoletters) that has confinement as a starting point for exchanges and affections between people who do not know each other. The work operates as a contemporary version of “messages in the bottle”, which opens gaps for intimate contact on a one-to-one scale, through the technologies available in 2020. Directed by Anna Costa e Silva, and co-created with Ana Abbott, Luciana Novak, Maria Clara Contrucci and Nanda Félix, the experience begins with an open call, in which anyone can sign up to receive a video message directly in their email. Each of the 5 performers wrote a letter to an unknown person, talking about their feelings, pains and crossings during this period, and inviting the recipients to respond, also by video, about what they are feeling and perceiving. From then on, an exchange of videoletters begins, always in the private sphere, which can last until the end of the confinement, or even when they want to. Exploring surrealism, anguish, strangeness and dreams that this new daily life imposes on us, the project creates a suspended space-time for conversation between two people. An experience of proximity in times of distance, which operates somewhere between reality and fiction, and blurs the boundaries between art and life, public and private, performer and spectator.


To participate, write to or +55 21 99406-9009

Marcelo Brodsky – "Visual correspondences" with Michal Iwanowski



Between April and June 2020, Marcelo Brodsky exchanged visual correspondences with the Polish photographer Michal Iwanowski. This dialogue between two creators destroys the center of the author’s self and presents something different. Each decision is determined not only by trial and error, but by the artist’s work to make a speech consistent with previous works, thus building a personal visual identity. The video is available on the Gallery’s Instagram profile.

not cancelled Brazil



Galeria Superfície participates in the second week of the international online art event not cancelled BRAZIL, with a special selection of works by the artists Guga Szabzon and Arthur Chaves. not cancelled is a project developed by TREAT agency, based in Vienna. This edition appeared in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the idea of bringing together a large part of the main contemporary art galleries in the country. Given this scenario, in which face-to-face events and art fairs were cancelled, the digital platform allows these galleries to be “closed but open”. The Galeria Superfície page can be accessed at Week 2 from June 17th, at 10am, until July 8th 2020.

Gallery Temporarily Closed



In accordance with the recommendations and strategies to contain the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19, and in protection of the community, Galeria Superfície will be temporarily closed. We will continue to work normally from home and remain reachable by email, phones and social networks. As soon as the situation stabilizes, we will announce the dates for the opening of our next exhibitions and projects.

Betty Leirner – Exhibition "Flower Blast – Female Artists from the Ludwig Collection"

Ludwig Forum fuer Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany


In the early 1970s, women began to permeate the previously male dominated terrain of art, breaking artistically with traditional rules and historical stereotypes. Together with the pioneers of feminist art history, they paved the way for a new appreciation of women’s artistic achievements. Flower Blast / Blumen Sprengung, Annette Wehrmann’s eponymous work, represents such a spirit of new beginnings.

1970 was also the year that the Neue Galerie – Sammlung Ludwig, the institution that preceded the Ludwig Forum was founded. Permanently located in Aachen, and holding one of the most important collections of Contemporay Art in the world, collectors Peter and Irene Ludwig founded in Aachen the first public Museum for Contemporary Art in the Federal Republic of Germany. Therefore it is appropriate to celebrate its 50th birthday with a selection of around 100 works by female artists from the Ludwig Forum Collection.